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Question: What's the best way to tell her?
Answer: How is it like to date a Portuguese, Spanish, American woman Incredible quality, amazing girls and fresh faces.
Question: Feel like my relationship is falling apart!???
Answer: PQP. Mal consigo entender os portugueses falando. Parecem russos. Best Pics 4 You. Nasty Porn Pics Sexy Girls Pics
Question: Bad idea to have a girlfriend that shares the same friendship group?
Answer: I don't know how you did it but it's sooooo true ! My Sweet Fatty
Question: He asked me out then disappeared?
Answer: This was awesome ! I'm excited to see your project with Hayley. Watching you work in Munich was a great learning experience for me : !

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Question: If a girl asks a guy out?
Answer: A bit masculine woman. But in finland there are these kind of women also. Although finns (both men and women tend to be sarcastic as well. I think finns are intellectual and reserved bit like germans, but at the same time can have very dirty mouth (when drunk)

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Question: How to tell your bf about something you don't like?

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Question: What do men want in a woman?
Answer: As a german I can tell you this is not true.

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Question: How Should I Approach You At A Social Event?
Answer: When you know you are dating 'a Indian woman.

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Question: Should I just ask him on Facebook?
Answer: Spain and Colombia sound the best, Dominican sound really cherful and husky, I liked Venezuala had a nice accent but the guy sound kinda bored

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Question: Which Nationality Do You Find Most Attractive?
Answer: RIP my dating. life.

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Question: Asking a girl about my flaws? Trying to improve
Answer: Well in Italy if you cheat it's over. Cheating it's a signal of being not sexually satisfied with the partner, alongside with being careless about the person that loves you.and if you cheat on an italian person, be ready to get insulted for a week at least

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Question: Guys: is he trying to date me or be a friend?!
Answer: They forgot Colombia (paisas The sexiest one of all lol

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